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Mission statement

The Northwest Arkansas Fencing Center and Foundation’s mission is to provide training and fitness, self-discipline, and focus that enriches every aspect of our students’ lives through the sport of fencing. Our year-round programs offer both competitive and recreational fencing opportunities for youths and adults of all socio-economic backgrounds.

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The Northwest Arkansas Fencing Center and Foundation are in the business of changing and enhancing lives through youth development and sports with the medium to long-term goal of enhancing secondary education opportunities.

We are not simply a sporting program. Fencing is a sport steeped in traditions of honor and respect. The NWAFC strives to enhance this through a positive, highly structured after-school development and training programs that build self-esteem while teaching positive character traits such as self-discipline, responsibility, respect and dedication. Our programs also provide a social, athletic and goal-oriented outlet for adults including both competitive and non-competitive athletes.

NWAFC is an LLC that was founded and still co-owned by Laura and Rick Kirk after more than four years. Our nonprofit arm is the NWA Fencing Foundation, which is a 501c3 that provides scholarships for young athletes of low socio-economic status.

NWAFC, through its foundation, provides a complete community fencing program. NWA Fencing is located in Rogers, Ark. and serves all of Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas. All revenues are directed toward growing the facility, paying coaches, and purchasing equipment.