Fencing Lessons And Classes For All Ages

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We have fencing classes for all ages and skill levels. If you are not sure where to start, just review these brief class descriptions for Beginners and Little Musketeers. We also offer professional private fencing instruction and weekly epee classes after completing beginner classes. Please use our Contact page if you need any additional information.

New Classes Form Weekly


Beginner Fencing Classeslearn to fence

For individuals age 10 and older.
Children under 10 may be evaluated by the coach to confirm which classes are appropriate for them.

The Beginner Class will meet for 6 hours of training.
Scheduled dates and times vary by age.
See our current fencing class details HERE.

Class focuses on techniques for footwork, blade work,
distance, and timing.

Fencing equipment is provided.

To reserve your space contact us HERE.
We will need names, ages, and phone numbers of those who which to attend.
Class space is limited.

Beginner Class Cost

Cost is $135 and includes equipment use in the class.


The Musketeers program teaches the fundamentals of fencing such as footwork & technique in a fun atmosphere. Musketeers will enjoy learning to fence as well as learning the honor, traditions and teamwork of this sport. Kids enjoy games while learning strategy, blade work, and how to compete. Musketeers can choose to fence once or twice a week.

Musketeer Class Cost

Cost is $135 and includes equipment use in the class**

What to bring/wear

  • Bring a water bottle with you.
  • You may want to bring a hand towel.
  • All fencing equipment provided
  • Wear sweatpants or warm-up pants, a t-shirt, and athletic shoes.
  • No jeans, no boots, no sandals.


Weekly Epee Classes

Emphasis is on conditioning and skills.
Epee Classes are available for individuals who have completed the Beginner Classes or those needing a refresher class to get back into fencing.

We have fencing for recreational and competitive fencers of all ages. Please contact us for information and details.

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