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coach for fencing lessonsAdrian Colcisca earned his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sport, Fencing Specialty, from the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport of Bucharest. He also has a Master’s Degree in Fencing. In 2000, he was awarded the highest title of “Merited Coach” by the Romanian Sports Authority for fencing (epee).

Highlights of his personal fencing career include: National Vice-Champion of Romania, many finals in World Cup Competitions, and winner of five editions of Balkanic Games. In 1996, Adrian was selected as the Head Coach Trainer of the Romanian National and Olympic Modern Pentathlon Team and Épee Men.

His students results in Europe:

Romanian National Championships:

  • 2000 Women’s Team Épee, Gold Medal
  • 1999 Men’s Epee, Gold Medal
  • 1999, 1998, 1996 Men’s Team Épee, Gold Medal

Romanian Cup:

  • 1998 Men’s Epee, Gold Medal
  • 1997, 1996 Men’s Team Epee, Silver Medal
  • 1998, 1995, 1994 Men’s Team Epee, Bronze Medal
  • 1997, 1996 Men’s Epee, Bronze Medal

Adrian coached two Pentathletes at the Olympic Games in Sydney and Atlanta in the epee event to medals.  Coach Colcisca was a trainer for the 2003 United States Men’s national epee team training camp in San Francisco.

He was also asked to coach the U.S. Men’s Junior Team at the World Championships in Moscow in 2012.

Since coming to the U.S., Adrian has placed 20 of his fencers in colleges and universities around the U.S. with scholarships in institutions such as ASU, Columbia, Harvard, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Princeton, Penn State, Stanford, and Yale.

Among his collegiate fencers, fencer Garrett McGrath was the simultaneous National Champion in both Cadet (Age 16 and Under) and Junior (20 and Under), winning both events at the Junior Olympics. He then went on to fence for Notre Dame.

One of our coach’s current students, JR Culpepper, is a member of The Ohio State fencing team.

Since coming to NWAFC, in its first season in 2012, Coach Adrian has sent over 50 fencers to the annual U.S. National Championships with his fencers winning 10 medals, including 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze.

Recently another of coach’s fencers competed in the Veteran’s World Cup in Italy where she won a silver medal in the team event.


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